• Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace
    Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace Upright chamber & Front door type furnace is developed to realize the easy operation and easy maintenance concept based on Fuji Dempa’s own technologies. Fuji Dempa is sure to provide the best made to order type furnace to our customers.
  • Pressurized Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace
    Pressurized Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace In addition to the graphite heat element, Fuji Dempa provides medeium tempreture region furnace used metal heat element, such as cupper alloy and molybdenum.
  • Hotpress Furnace
    Hotpress Furnace Fuji Dempa, as a pioneer of Hotpress for industrial use in Japan, has delivered numerous Hotpress furnaces since 1950s. Among our recent developments, Non-frame type is very unique for its pillar-less configuration which realizes less installation area and is useful for operation and maintenance with its front door type chamber.
  • HighFrequency Induction Melting Furnace
    HighFrequency Induction Melting Furnace Fuji Dempa prepares various types of furnace from experimental to production use. Fuji Dempa receives high reputation for the durability of the furnace from the customers.
  • Vacuum Melting Furnace
    Vacuum Melting Furnace Fuji Dempa’s high frequency induction heating vacuum melting furnace has been applied in a various area form a traditional usage as ferrous and non-ferrous metals to a novel applications such as silicon casting for solar panels, alloys for secondary batteries and magnetic materials for ecological vehicles.
  • Induction Heating Furnace
    Induction Heating Furnace In case of assembling the furnace for the advanced materials, such as iron based alloys or Silicon carbide, Fuji Dempa has proved itself to satisfy the strict specifications for the heating furnace requested from the customers. Fuji Dempa believes that its role is to assist opening a new window toward the world market for these advanced materials through supplying the best furnaces.
  • IGBT Power Unit
    IGBT Power Unit Our IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter employs a space current vector PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control method to suppress harmonic components.
  • Multi-purpose Experimental Furnace
    Multi-purpose Experimental Furnace Fuji Dempa has a long history to produce various types of experimental furnaces. Especially, “Hi multi” series, our standard, high temperature, and multi-purpose vacuum furnaces have been installed and used in hundreds of laboratories for inorganic materials around the world.
  • Experiment on Commission
    Experiment on Commission At Fuji Dempa, we have some in-house furnaces for test and commissioned experiments. The equipment for test use includes; Multi-purpose experimental furnace “Hi-Multi,” High frequency induction melting furnace, Vacuum induction melting furnace, High frequency induction heater. Our experienced technical staff provides support and facilitate our customers research and development.
  • Metal Products Division / Stainless steel casting
    Metal Products Division / Stainless steel casting Alloy steel casting products include martenstic stainless steel, austentic stainless steel, nickel and nickel-base alloy, and high-nickel alloy. We have operated an ecologically considered, artificial molding sand recycling system since 2010.